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What are Play On Demand Games?

Play On Demand (POD) Games are electronic games you can play independently, in between sessions, at intermission, or even during live Bingo games. They're a fun and easy way to play your games, your way, anytime.


Getting Started

Before playing POD Games, be sure you have purchased electronic credits at the sales counter.

  • Select [POD Games] from the Main Menu screen.
  • The POD Games Selection Screen will appear.
    Select your game from the list bytouching the icon.


How to Play

  • Once the POD Game has been loaded and you've gone through all of the steps (wager per play, number of cards to play, etc.), choose [Buy] to start.
  • To learn about the range of wager for a Play On Demand Game (not all games have a wager component) refer to the game's price chart or Help Screen or ask a Customer Service Representative.



If you choose to return to your POD Game when you're one ball away from a Bingo, the system will NOT return you to eBingo a second time. However, you will still be able to view the card closest to reaching a Bingo. If you get a Bingo, select the [Return to Game] button to go back to your winning eBingo card. If you complete a winning pattern you MUST touch the [Bingo] button and yell BINGO!

Playing both POD Games & eBingo

(Note: Not available on designated POD only electronic units.)

You can choose to play any POD Game at the same time as eBingo. While playing a POD Game, you can always view your session best card in the bottom right corner of the screen.

For half-screen view only games, session play cards will be displayed on the right half of the screen.

  • To return to Session Bingo, press the [Return to Bingo] button.
  • Your POD Game will be paused and you will be returned to Session Bingo when you're only one ball away from a Bingo on your best card, so that you can monitor your cards and prepare for a Bingo.
  • Resume POD Game play by selecting the [Return to Game] button
  • If you complete the winning pattern, you MUST yell out "Bingo" to stop the game, and press the [Bingo] button. Be sure to yell loud enough so the caller knows the terminal has a winning card.


While playing a POD Game, selecting the [Options] button from the Session Bingo Screen will allow you to do any of the following:

  • Click on the [Sound On] button to turn the sound on or off.
  • Select [Help] located on the bottom left corner of the POD Game screen to learn more abou the game, and open up the Help Screen.